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Meet a Maker: Sheeso Moua by Kaolee Hoyle May 17, 2019 This month’s Maker highlight goes to Sheeso Moua, the owner and designer of XIXOmenswear. His brand and designs are focused on originality, style and class. True to his brand, he recently launched the Hmong Flute watch, a beautifully made watch with the classic flute design. You can preorder […]

Madison Hmong New Year

What a fun filed weekend with vibrant Hmong traditional outfits, music and especially the papaya salad.  This was my first vendor showing/sales ever and it was a great opportunity and experiences.  I decide to do a raffle and it seem to peak interest during my busy day.  Below are the winner of the raffle draw […]

The epic dance move from Fresh Tradition Fashion Show 2018

For those who missed out, we had a fun and courageous dancing shoes.  Check it out we offering a free gift for those who can do 3 fornite dance. 

The Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge Whenever we have big gatherings such as a ua neeg or hu plig, it always centers around food. The woman of the house comes up with a plan of what to make and the man of the house gathers up men to help him with preparing the meat for the event. Something […]


Our mission is to sustain our beautiful (paj ntaub) fabric in this modern society. Our business is online, all accessories are sold on a website your job is to sale/promote online on any of you’re social media platform. The pay is 10% commission base on every transaction sold. To inquiry a position email us at […]

Fashion Tips

WHAT IS A LAPEL PIN Before we delve into the purpose, design, and practicalities of wearing pins for suits, let’s firstly discuss what a lapel pin actually is. We begin with the lapel itself which is the edged part on each side of your suit jacket immediately below the collar which is folded back on […]

Fresh Traditions 2015 Recap

Were you looking forward to the 9th annual CHAT Fresh Tradition Fashion Show as much as I was? As I entered the Roy Wilkins Auditorium on Saturday, September 12th 20145, I was greeted by CHAT’s friendly committee members who happily welcomed and checked my guests and I in. After being checked in and putting on […]

XIXOmenswear Donates to Galore: Professional Hmong Women’s Network

XIXOmenswear donated a bow tie and Soul Lock belt valuing $84.98 to silent auction for Galore: Professional Hmong Women’s Network. The organization has existed for a decade, helping Hmong women and men with their careers and education.

How to Make a Hmong Camera Strap

Tools: Sewing pick and sewing machine Material: Used camera strap and Hmong money bag strap 1. The colorful strap is ideally used for a money bag/small Hmong handbag but instead I decided to cut and sew it into a camera strap. The Hmong strap can be found at Hmong Village, Hmong flea market, Hmong stores, […]

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