How to Make a Hmong Camera Strap

Tools: Sewing pick and sewing machine Material: Used camera strap and Hmong money bag strap 1. The colorful strap is ideally used for a money bag/small Hmong handbag but instead I decided to cut and sew it into a camera strap. The Hmong strap can be found at Hmong Village, Hmong flea market, Hmong stores, […]

XIXOmenswear Donates to Hnub Tshiab: Hmong Women Achieving Together

Sheeso Moua, the founder of XIXOmenswear, donated a pair of Hmong men and boy’s bowtie for the Hnub Tshiab: Hmong Women Achieving Together silent auction. The auction helped raise over $10,000 to fund the organization.

What is XIXOmenswear?

Being Hmong, we are often mistaken as Chinese or Japanese. We are lost in a sea of similar faces and at times, we have to explain who we are with a brief history lesson because few knows about the Hmong. Imagine if you could show who you are proudly–your heritage, background and culture–without a word. […]

A new legacy in Hmong inspired menswear.

It all started when I attended the Hmong Milwaukee New Year back in 2012. I went there dressed up in a three piece fitted suit and noticed that other Hmong men and boys were also dressed in a three piece suit, casual or traditional Hmong outfits. Right there and then something clicked in my mind. […]

Our first promo video!

The official first promo video is a great way to show our accessories in today modern society.  It was a fun filled day with slight over cast during our photo/video shoot.  The action took place in Minneapolis with those who came far and close.  With the style we just wanted to show our paj ntuab […]

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