A new legacy in Hmong inspired menswear.

It all started when I attended the Hmong Milwaukee New Year back in 2012. I went there dressed up in a three piece fitted suit and noticed that other Hmong men and boys were also dressed in a three piece suit, casual or traditional Hmong outfits. Right there and then something clicked in my mind. As an entrepreneur, I noticed that I wanted to represent myself as a fashionable modern Hmong man. And that’s where the MAGIC began. I wanted to apply and envisioned Hmong inspired everyday accessories to wear on every occasion. Now since I was already at the Hmong New Year, I decided to purchase 6 yards of Hmong fabric from a woman who was vending there that day. When I got home that night I turned to my mom and asked her to make me a bow tie out of the fabric. Within one week she made me the most beautiful Hmong inspired bow tie. I was speechless and quite frankly, it almost had me in tears.

Moving forward one year later in 2013, the three bow ties my mother made me were worn to various number of occasions. Each time I wore the bow ties, I would receive an incredible amount of compliments. It wasn’t until November 2013 when I decided to start this business that I was so passionate about. The more I did it, the more I fell in love with it – especially having my mom as my partner in crime showing me the ropes on how to sew, the meaning behind the different designs and just simply sharing a Hmong heritage past made by hand to an everyday modern wear.With the compliments and the love of sewing, it led me to venture on to making strictly men’s accessories building this new legacy that has never been seen or done before ever.  We are innovating to be the most dapper Hmong mens fashion.

Yours truly,
XIXO Men’s Wear
*love mom!*

P.S. I renamed it XIXO because my real name is Sheeso. It’s pronounced the same but spelt differently. This time around I definitely feel that the business name is much stronger, catchier & we’ll be here for the long run.

6 thoughts on “A new legacy in Hmong inspired menswear.

  1. Pang Yang says:

    Where are you located? We have an event on Jan 30th with over 700 people in attendance. We would love to have you sell your hmong men’s products. The event is going to be in Brooklyn park, MN. Please let me know if you’re interested.

  2. Matthew Miller says:

    I am the director of the Hmong Leadership Council of Wisconsin, and I was given one of your ties by a good friend here in Sheboygan, Chueyee Yang. I recently wore the tie as the coordinator of the 2016 Hmong American Leadership Pageant over a black shirt with a grey suit, and I got tons of compliments. Keep up the good work! I love the thick fabric, but I did have some trouble tying it and getting it to hang straight without a tie clip. I was wondering whether you have found any tricks to getting the tie to knot well, or if you considered including any tips in a tag with the ties. Want a cool idea? Sell qeej- or xauv-shaped tie clips! Well, I don’t know how that would look, but it’s an idea. Are you located in Wausau? My parents live there and volunteer a lot at the Neighbor’s Place. I have invited Wausau educators to bring Hmong students to our statewide conferences for Hmong teen leadership, but I’ve never gotten any responses. I hope to keep trying, though. If you know of any youth group leaders who might be interested in collaborating, please feel free to let me know. Thanks!

    • XIXO says:

      Hi Matthew Miller
      Thank you so much for supporting our culture, heritage and paj ntuab. To answer your question on how to tie, is to tie it in a half windsor. Also in the beginning stage of business I did make a xauv tie clip/bar link and I stop due to the finish product did no turn out so great. Although I can try a different it again and make many different style as will. I’m not located in Wausau but located in Madison, Wi. Also please email at [email protected] so I can help you reach the right people for collaboration. Thanks

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