How to Make a Hmong Camera Strap

Tools: Sewing pick and sewing machine
Material: Used camera strap and Hmong money bag strap

1. The colorful strap is ideally used for a money bag/small Hmong handbag but instead I decided to cut and sew it into a camera strap. The Hmong strap can be found at Hmong Village, Hmong flea market, Hmong stores, Hmong new years and costs about $10-$20.

IMG_0474 copy

2. Find an old camera strap. (Notice that the canon strap is the same size as Hmong strap).

3. Start by using the sewing pick and cut the thread on the existing strap end. (WARNING: YOU CAN STAB/POKE YOURSELF SO BE CAREFUL)

IMG_0477 copy

4. Slowly work the end with sewing pick in any angle you can. Once it is completely free of threads the strap end should pull right off the strap. Repeat on the other end.

IMG_0475 copy

5. This time you will need a sewing machine because you can’t do it by hand. The material is too thick once the camera strap and strap end are placed together.

IMG_0479 copy

6. Place the Hmong strap into the strap end and start sewing it into a rectangle shape. To finish it off, sew an “X” shape inside the rectangle. By doing so, it strengthens the strap to the strap end. The finished sewing pattern should look like the original.

IMG_0482 copy

IMG_0484 copy

7. Viola your done!!

IMG_0493 copy

8. BONUS if you like the idea you can buy the Hmong strap with the money still attach to it…cha ching, cha ching, cha ching…

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