What is XIXOmenswear?

Being Hmong, we are often mistaken as Chinese or Japanese. We are lost in a sea of similar faces and at times, we have to explain who we are with a brief history lesson because few knows about the Hmong. Imagine if you could show who you are proudly–your heritage, background and culture–without a word. That’s what XIXOmenswear aspires to do.

XIXOmenswear is my name Sheeso spelled in a catchier way while the branding mimics who I am as the owner. The most important part of XIXOmenswear for my customers and I is the pride we feel as a Hmong person when we wear XIXOmenswear products. Wearing XIXOmenswear identifies us as Hmong wherever we go and at whichever events we attend. When we wear XIXmenswear products, we are proud of ourselves, our background, and our ethnicity.

I have incorporated  traditional Hmong designs into modern accessories from bow ties to lapel pins and belts, allowing customers to wear it casually or to formal events while representing who they are and showing their pride without uttering a word.


Not only does XIXOmenswear represent our cultural heritage, it also shows who we are today: classy, sophisticated, dapper, and professional; nice and humble people just like anyone whether we are doctors and lawyers or a mailman. My intentions are showing Hmong people in the most upright way. We are very unknown in the United States and I want to show our positive aspects. One day, a person can take one look at us and know that we are Hmong simply by the XIXOmenswear products we wear.




5 thoughts on “What is XIXOmenswear?

  1. Teng Yang. says:

    Koj paab design ib nkawm khaunoog kuam zoo rau thaum tseem caj rua kuv puas tau os? Kuv nyam kuam muaj 4 hom yumsiv (color) le dlub, dlawb, lab hab xav. Uatsaug. Teng Yang.

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