Mi Nyuam Laib

mi nyuam laib

In short, mi nyuam laib means a bad man or male gang member. Mi nyuam is a term to signify the person as a child.  Laib means a person who is a gang member (a bad person). The complicated part about the Hmong language is combining two or more words together can create a new word or meaning. So when you put mi nyuam and laib together it means a bad man.

Back in the days and even today, being labeled as a mi nyuam laib meant you were a rebellious gang member. Every time I heard the elders talk about these kind of men, they were sacred by them told their sons and grandsons to stay away from these men. These men were dishonorable and brought shame to his family. It meant he was the type of men who steal from anyone and got into fights often. Mi nyuam laib are troublemaker, had no sense of ambition, or work ethic. It meant he is lazy and didn’t maintain anything. 

However I grew up in that era and was never involve in it.  But hearing it from they elders and hearing it from a mi nyuam laib was two different meaning of what a mi nyuam laib is.  From they words of mi nyuam laib it was to:

  1. Protect and help each other and other Hmong civilians.
  2. Don’t do drugs.
  3. No robbing the elderly or helpless.
  4. No raping or molesting.
  5. No flirting with or cheating with your brother’s wife/girlfriend.

A good Hmong man is someone who holds himself to high standards of behavior and integrity. They treat others with respect and kindness, regardless of their background or beliefs. They strive to be self-aware and continuously work on self-improvement. They are responsible and reliable, and they are dependable in both their personal and professional lives.

In terms of relationships, a good Hmong man is an equal partner, treating their romantic partner with love and respect. They are emotionally intelligent and able to communicate effectively, and they make a genuine effort to understand and support their partner. They also actively work to dismantle toxic masculinity and promote gender equality in their personal and professional life.

They are open-minded, and are not afraid to challenge their own biases or those of society. They are informed about the world around them and make an effort to stay informed, they use their knowledge and privilege to advocate for the marginalized and fight for social justice.

Finally, a good Hmong man is someone who is continuously learning and growing. They are open to new experiences and perspectives, and they are always working to be the best version of themselves.


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